Monday, April 27, 2009

Snow in Idaho

We went home to Idaho earlier this month. When I go home around Christmas time I always seem to miss the snow (which is sad for me since I love snow). Lo and behold, I go home during the spring and it dumps! Hooray for me.
Kyler was hilarious. When he woke up in the morning and saw the snow outside he kept saying, "I can't beweive it's Christmas!" So funny. When it melted a few days later he informed everyone that the snow had died.

My parents house is so pretty in the snow.

A day at the bowling alley. Have you seen these things? They're nifty. I think the grown-ups should have used it too.
The scores had to be documented. I won... but I'm not too proud considering how bad my score was. Rachel was even more upset than me (for good reason).
Three sisters, three kids each... won't last long.

I loved my cousins growing up (love them still, actually). It's so fun to see my kids making memories with theirs.

Thanks for all the fun Nana and Poppy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well Said, Mitt

I'm trying not to dislike our new President, but it was a little difficult this week. Anyone else follow politics? I thought this article was very well written. Maybe I have a little too much National pride, but I hate when people apologize for America.

Friday, April 17, 2009


A few weeks ago we were in AZ and met our new niece Jaycie. She's so precious! I got to take a few pics of her with my Dad-in-law's amazing lens.

Leah and Jaycie in matching onsies
Trampoline face
Shayla found a lizard in the backyard (of course) and Grandpa helped her catch it and told her she could take it home. Naughty, naughty. It took a lot of convincing before she finally agreed to let it go.
This is her sad face right after she said goodbye to her new friend. This girl needs a pet.
A few more pictures with the awesome lens

That's Kyler's hand making her laugh
Thank you fun AZ family for a great time (as always)

This was in the hotel on the way home... I love staying in hotels with these 3 kids. It feels like a fun sleepover.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

I couldn't think of a good April Fool's joke for my blog. I toyed with the idea having OCD (obsessive cullen disorder) but I didn't want anyone to actually believe I fantasized about a vampire licking my tear off his grubby finger. I did however have fun on the phone today... I was pregnant (Liza), got a $2,000 ticket for driving an unregistered vehicle without a driver's license (Zach), had a bad feeling about my trip to Idaho tomorrow so I couldn't come home (Mom and Rachel). The only one I didn't fool was Rachel. I think my little pranks have rubbed off on the kids. Kyler keeps saying things like, "Look, an airplane! April Pools!" and my favorite, "Look, poop on the floor! April Pools!". Anyhow, I enjoyed reading some all time great april fool's jokes here. I especially liked the taco/liberty bell one. Now I'm off to watch the Twilight on DVD for the 27th time. My favorite part is when Edward says, "Hold on Spider Monkey". Now why didn't Stephanie Meyer think of that impressive line for her book? April Fools!