Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a little update...

... for anyone who cares and hasn't completely given up on me as a blogger. My blog is one of the many things I can't seem to find time for since munchkins number 3 and 4 arrived. I don't mind it though. I love my four little excuses for a hectic and crazy life. Some people are so amazingly together no matter how many kids they have (you know who you are). And even more impressive are those who are able to manage being on top of things without having a stick up their... you know what I mean. If I was amazingly together it would definitely because I was WAY too uptight. So sorry if I'm late, flaky, selfish with my time, forgot it was your birthday, etc. O.K, so I've always been a little flaky, late, and forgetful. At least I can blame it on someone else now :)

We'll start with Shayla. This girl is so full of life. She is hysterically funny and way smarter than she has any right to be at 8 years old. She's super into dance right now. I've discovered I'm kind of a prude and wish she would just be happy in ballet so I wouldn't have to worry about questionable costumes and borderline inappropriate dance moves. Not that we've gotten there yet, but I know what's coming! Here's a few pics of her at a recent competition.

Kyler is taking after his big sister and thinks he's a comedian as well. He loves his Nintendo DS, tee-ball, riding his quad, staying up late, and making baby Clara happy. Out of all the kids he has been the one most interested in our new addition.

Leah is utterly adorable. She is such a girly girl and wants to do everything "myself". She has to pick out her own clothes every day and insists on wearing a dress. She is a little princess for sure and is fully aware that she has us all wrapped around her little finger. As if she needed more attention in life, she broke her arm falling off the couch at Aunt Rachel's. Even though she got the cast off over a month ago, she still tells people about how she hurt her arm, had to go to the doctor, and wore a pink cast. It was too cute.

Clara is our little angel baby. We can't believe how good natured and sweet she is. It seems like I get nothing done because I'm too busy enjoying the little elf. She rolls over and loves being on her tummy. She giggles at everyone who pays attention to her.

There you have it. My four little excuses. Aren't they adorable?

P.S. Zach and I thought this was so funny. It was washable marker after all, no harm done. Not so amusing when Leah tied to be funny the next day using a highlighter. It was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get off of her and her baby dolls.

Speaking of Zach, he hates when I brag about him online, so I'll refrain from telling the World Wide Web that he is the most amazing dad and hubby on planet earth. He is though. Just in case you were wondering.