Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dr. Davis

One cute Doctor

Three excited kidos

One very proud wife

More pictures to come...

Monday, June 8, 2009

So I'm depressed.

Why can't I just enjoy milestones in our family? I don't know. I just get sad. Case in point: My hubby is graduating from dental school after many years of very hard work. You would think I'd be jumping for joy and instead I'm bawling my eyes out. Maybe if we'd been in dental school in Oklahoma or something I wouldn't be sad to leave. Last night Zach tried to cheer me up with a hefty dose of sarcasm. "Yah, I'm really gonna miss it here. I mean I just love this tiny apartment. The mold is really growing on me... literally. Who cares about parking, walking 3 miles to get somewhere is good for your health. I just love the beach too. It's always so sunny, never foggy or windy. It's fun to swim in freezing cold shark infested waters." He went on for quite some time. So, I decided to focus on the negative in the hopes that I'll stop crying my eyes out every other minute. Here's a few things I won't miss about our life in SF... in no particular order.

1) The almost always terrible service at restaraunts.
2) Not being able to enjoy a sunny Saturday because there are tourists EVERYWHERE.
3) Having such a small closet that Zach had to hang his pants on the treadmill.
4) No yard
5) Paper bags at the grocery store
6) Rude people at the grocery store
7) People who don't like kids at the grocery store
8) People who bring their dogs to the grocery store
9) People who don't like when my kids want to pet their dogs at the grocery store
10) Worrying incessantly that "the big one" is going to hit in the middle of the night
11) Having to wear layers... yuck
12) Snotty single people in the Marina
13) Getting asked if I'm the nanny
14) The horrible nightly news... no, I mean the anchors. They're annoying.
15) That it takes 35 minutes to go 7 miles
16) That Target is at least 20 minutes away
17) Two words: Gavin Newsom.
18) That there is such great shopping downtown but it's too much of a pain to go there.
19) That there is so much to do but we don't have money to do it.
20) That the museums cost so much money
21) That free day at the museum is too busy
22) bread costs 4 dollars
23) Zach being MIA much of the time. I hate night clinic!
24) All day kindergarten. Ok, that's not just a SF thing.
25) People who judge me for driving a "gas guzzling" tahoe.
26) Having no space to park my gas guzzling tahoe.
28) That stuff closes at 7... what's with that Laurel Village?
29) Driving through China town.

I'm sure there are more. I feel better already. When I need a boost over the next few days I'll just hop on here and add a few more.