Monday, September 14, 2009

come on now.

I had to sign a permission slip in order for Shayla to see the address President Obama gave to the schools. I can only assume this is because so many parents complained about having their kids subjected to listening to him for all of 10 minutes. I would say I'm a fairly partisan person, but come on people. What are you afraid of? That your kids are going to come home flaming liberals? Ignorant. I think it was nice that he thought of kids... probably because he has young ones still. Ok, so maybe it was his advisers that thought of it. Maybe it was purely tactical. Who really cares and what on earth is the big deal?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The "mountains" in AZ

Ok, so they're not like the mountains in the Northwest, but I'll take it! We got out of the blistering heat for labor day. Thank you Mom & Dad Davis for the fun weekend!

Our little critter friends.

As you can see, our little munchkin is cutting teeth
at an alarming rate.

I wonder where Leah got those blue eyes.

Playing with Grandpa

We didn't get to go on a trail ride because of the rain.
Shayla was extremely disappointed, but at least we got to pet them.

Cousins. Colter has killer brown eyes.

My third Great-Grandpa is buried in Show Low and I finally got to go see his grave. It was so awesome! There's also a monument there because he was the Captain of the first handcart company to head for the Salt Lake Valley. The picture below is of the monument (with his great great great great gandson standing by it).

This is his actual headstone.

Definitely the highlight of my trip.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The big 3-0

Happy 30th hun! Wow. You're really old. Just kidding... sort of :)

We love you!