Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have a very serious question

What is with Ed's skimpy shorts? I'm watching last night's episode of the bachelorette right now and I can't even take him seriously with those tiny green... what are they supposed to be? Let him go Jillian! He may look like Denny Ducett, but he's just not. Also, I love how Jillian keeps talking about how thoughtful it was of him to fly his parents to Hawaii. As if it wasn't the producers idea, and on their dime. I sure hope the "very private" messages from the final three help her make the right choice.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Puttin' on the Ritz

I'm going to start back blogging about our recent adventures (notice I refrained from using the sad word "final") in SF. Starting with... the awards banquet at the Ritz Carlton. The food was good, probably not 150 dollars a plate good, but it was worth it to make some last minute memories with people we dearly love.

The boys.

The girls.

UOP Golf Tournament Champs (all 3 years)

Joel & Reg

Cia & Mind

Sis-in-law Court

Dean Ferrillo

My Parents (thanks for forking out the big bucks to come listen to long
drawn out lists of people you don't know getting awards)

Handsome Hubby

Zach's proud parents

Cute ladies

The street we had to walk down to get to the car...

...I had to do it in bare feet... stupid cute high heels.

The next morning at "Thanks a bunch brunch". I don't know what I enjoyed more: getting thanked a bunch, or getting loads of good breakfast food. Just kidding hun.