Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Idol: Fast Forward

I don't know about anyone else, but I found myself fast forwarding through the last half of several performances last night on American Idol. Thank you DVR; you are very convenient.

Amanda Overrated...Overmyer. Whatever. I don't think I missed anything because she sounds exactly the same no matter how many times she says "back in the U.S.S.R"

Kristy Lee Cook. I was literally going nuts because she was singing one note wrong in the chorus EVERY TIME. In her interview she said she didn't really know any Beatles songs. I don't trust people who don't know any Beatles songs.

David Cook. I didn't realize until just now that he and Kristi shared a last name. Confusing. Good thing Kristy will be gone tonight. Back to David. I want to get on board with him because I like his voice. But I CANNOT handle his personality and the fact that he thinks he's sooooo good. Also, I usually love when people take their guitars out with them. He didn't even play his last night. I doubt it was even plugged in and yet he was pretending that he was the one playing the great riffs. Not even.

Chikeze. I had my finger on the FF button before he even started singing. The harmonica pushed me over the edge. Done.

Ramiele. I barely remember that she's on there most of the time and I always get really bored when she's singing. Sorry Ramiele.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Farmer Clothes

Of all the funny things that happened on our trip to Idaho, this was the funniest:
My Grandma and her husband came down from Rigby to see us while we were home. Shayla and her cousin Jozy were just getting out of the bathtub when they showed up. They heard some commotion down stairs so Shay tip toed out the door in her towel to see what was going on. She came back into the bathroom and said, "Jozy, you've GOT to see Grandma and Grandpa... they're dressed in FARMER clothes!" I immediately started cracking up as quietly as possible while Jozalin went to see for herself. She came back and said, "They're not wearing cowboy clothes Shayla." But Shay insisted, "Not cowboy clothes, FARMER clothes." Clearly Shayla didn't grow up in Idaho where Western Wear is commonplace.

Shayla in her element

Rachel made this ice cream cake and it was so much better than Baskin Robins (which isn't easily done).

I wonder how much Great Grandpa Madson was enjoying this. By the look on his face I'm thinking not so much, but he was a good sport.

Here is Shayla smothering yet another victim... poor Bella.

And finally... here is my niece Regan jamming while we're playing Rock Band.