Friday, November 7, 2008

Catch up

It's hard to find time to shower lately, let alone blog, but for the sake of all you anxious Grandparents and Aunts, here's a little update.

Shayla turned a whopping 6 years old last week!

I was sick so we had to cancel her planned birthday bash, but she was a trooper. And I learned that as long as there's cake and presents it doesn't really matter how big the hoopla is.

She's such a big helper lately and loves to take care of Leah.

Kyler has done so much better with his new little sister than I expected. He's only had one melt down about her which happened yesterday, "Don't hold your baby! Put her down, put down Weah!" Other than that the only time he throws a fit lately is when he wants to hold her and has to wait until she's done eating or sleeping. He's not exactly gentle though. We're working on it.

Leah's busy getting bigger. Her little life is filled with first's.
This picture is so close up that it doesn't even look like her, but I was frantic to get a picture of her first smile!

First time meeting Great Grandma Mills

First day of church

Zach's so busy right now (he's listening to lectures on those headphones, not music). But of course he's doing a spectacular job being a Dad and dental student. I was reminded of this last night when I was saying prayers with Shayla. This is a little part of her prayer word for word, "I'm grateful for Daddy and that he's funny and he fills Kyler and my heart with laughter". So cute. Thank you Zach for being Super Dad.

Shayla also mentioned me in her prayer, "I'm grateful for Mom and all her hard work". Thanks for noticing Shayla! Although I'd rather fill your heart with laughter, someone has to do the dirty work. In all seriousness, 3 is definitely different than two. But, I have this coping mechanism for stress. It's called being even more irresponsible than usual. What I mean is that everything lower on the totem pole than the three munchkins gets... delayed. So, sorry for not answering my phone, not sending thank you cards or returning tuperware, and not doing any number or other things I'm supposed to be doing right now. I'll get around to it. But thank you again all you supportive wonderful people. We feel very loved.


Anonymous said...

Dang, wish I could get home right now!

Rebecca said...

So do we!

The Davis Family said...

These are such cute pictures!!! Oh, how I miss you guys. Leah is growing without me, and seeing Grandma with you makes me sad I'm missing out! So proud of you, You are doing a great job! LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIFUL KIDS! You two are awesome!
love, Mom

Porter Family said...

Beautiful pictures! Leah is so adorable. I wish I could meet her & hold her! Miss you guys!

Mindi said...

That picture of your kids at the beginning is absolutely adorable.

The Halls said...

I love your family and kids...You are doing a great job. Don't worry about all the things you "Think" you are suppose to be doing. You are doing exactly what you should and are the best mom for doing so...Enjoy that precious baby, she's wonderful. Love you

Woods: said...

I second Cortney! Enjoy that baby! They grow up way too fas!t! She's so beautiful and looks so sweet! Don't worry about those silly things that you think 'need' to be done. You keep doing what you are and everything will get easier...promise! Three really does become manageable! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to post! We love knowing how your cute family is doing!

Loni said...

What fun pictures. I can't believe I still haven't seen Leah! She is so precious.

Anonymous said...

Nice job Rebecca! You make me proud to be your mom. I love you cutie batuties!!! Love Always and Forever...... Nana

jocelyn said...

you are loved. this post was especially cute. i loved every bit of it.

Julie Arfmann said...

It was so funny that you commented on my blog because I was thinking that I wanted to check yours! Funny huh? Leah is so adorable, as are Shayla and Kyler. Congratulations! We are coming to San Fransisco tomorrow for Jamba meetings! I'll send you an email with my cell number. I'm not sure what our schedule will be, but it would be so fun to see you.
love, Jules

Juliana said...

Precious little Leah and what a sweet little prayer! What a good daddy!

britney said...

You have such a cute family! I cant believe how fast your kids have grown! The one picture of all 3 of your kids, Shayla looks so much like you! Gorgeous!