Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Turkey Day, Kyler turned 3, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

So I haven't blogged in a while. Here's a little (or not so little) update.

The day before Thanksgiving we decided to head to Idaho and surprise my family. It was a long drive but so worth it just to see the deer in the headlights look on my parents faces when we showed up at the movie theater with Rachel and Jason. I wish I had taken a picture; it was priceless. Leah was happy to meet her Poppy, cousins, aunts, and uncles (and I was happy to see my family who I miss like crazy). This is Aunt Rachel who Leah was middle named after.

Aunt Lala and Leah were pretty much inseparable and Leah loved it. Liza could get her to smile like crazy.

Shayla lost her first tooth while we were in Idaho. The toothfairy almost forgot to put money under her pillow, but remembered at about 5 in the morning (thank goodness).

Zach had to go back to school so he drove home while I stayed an extra week in Idaho. Which meant I had to fly on a plane with three little rascals. It actually turned out surprisingly well! This little angel slept the whole time. At one point all three were asleep and I thought, "I should have brought a book!"

Our little man turned 3 years old in December. Such a cute birthday boy.

The ward Christmas party... last one in SF :(

It was quite the fiasco trying to snap a picture of all three in their Christmas outfits.

These two are growing up way too fast.

How cute is she in this beanie. Practically edible.

Leah loves her bumbo. For those of you who don't know what that is then you probably don't care because I doubt you have kids.

Our crazy Christmas Eve... well, mock Christmas Eve. Santa was kind enough to come early so we wouldn't have to haul Christmas anywhere.

This was a fun new tradition (that's an oxymoron... I should say we're hoping to make it a tradition) that we tried this year. We lit a candle for each of the kids and told them the story of when they were born and why they're special to our family. Then we lit a candle for the Savior and Zach read Luke 2. I didn't know if the kids would dig it, but it was huge hit. I would highly recommend it (if you're not scared of your house burning down).

The glow bug was a success, Leah loves that thing.

Then it was off to AZ. It was nice to be away from our tiny apartment so we could do fun messy things like a gingerbread house... thanks to the kit from Costco.

This picture doesn't look posed at all does it.

Little Dear

For New Years we headed to the sand dunes. It was fun as usual and Leah got to go for her first ride on the rhino.

Thanks AZ family for an awesome holiday!


Hayley Nelson Potter said...

Rebecca, you are so blessed to have 3 beautiful, healthy children. I am glad your holidays were fun. Way to go on the candle tradition, sounds like a great tradition.

The Halls said...

Hi Becca!
Loved your last post. It's feels so nice to be caught up with you. Your kids are getting so big. How fun surprising your family. We need to talk on the phone...I'll call you. CC

Mindy Barker said...

It sounds like you had a really nice Christmas. I bet your family just loved your surprise visit. I really like your idea with the tradition of lighting the candles. I can't wait until Zander is a little older and has an attention span. Happy new year!

jocelyn said...

welcome back friend. it's fun to see all of the pictures over the past couple of months. can't wait to see the ones you'll take with your new little birthday present!

Anonymous said...

while scanning the web trying to find anything by Jack Handey that I have yet to read, (fruitless searching btw), I came across your pictures and your blog. At the risk of sounding like an internet crazy, ((I'm not, I'm a 31 year old single mother of two girls Anna and Siena, and I'm sitting at the desk where I work giving and booking snowmobile tours in Vermont watching it snow, more, and wondering again why I'm here and trying to forget the all too common incident that just occured with a group of middle aged tourees and their raunchy and disturbing sense of humor and belief that they have the right to hug the "snowmobile chick") I want you to know that running across your blog was really, oddly enough, heartening for me. Money, the economy, my daughters growing SO quickly, I guess just a plethora of things have gotten me rather anxiety ridden. It was nice to see you guys, nice to read about your "soon to be" traditions. Your little family gives hope lady Rebecca, even to sun starved mamas miles away. You make me miss California. Check out Jack Handey's essays in the New Yorker. "This is No Game" and Everything Blends" are pretty funny, if i may say so myself. Be safe, be well, all of you in your little family. I must go back to fending of the testosterone that seems to find it's way into my work. Peace to you all. Maria