Thursday, March 26, 2009

All Shook Up

Was it just me or was Adam channeling Elvis last night (trying to anyhow). P.S. Ryan, I did have him pegged... theatre geek. His interview made me want to gag. To be fair, I'll admit I liked his version of the song. Shayla had an interesting view on him, "I like how he sings, I like how he looks, I just don't like his earings... and I don't like how his name is Adam because (as she literally picks up a book of mormon on the table) there's already someone in the scriptures named Adam and I don't like when people are named the same as people in the scriptures, or just named like other people then it's like "come here" and both of the people come." I didn't tell her that 3 out of 5 people in our family have "scripture" names.

Also, was anyone else wondering why Danny looks familiar? Here's your answer. Mine at least.

Is it weird that I like Robert Downy Jr.'s voice better than his long lost son's?


Mindy said...

Adam did look like Elvis. Have you noticed that sometimes his lip turns up a little bit, too? (I think Elvis did that. Maybe I'm smoking crack?) As long as you don't look at Adam, he's great. I have to admit that I've never heard that song before and I sat there with tears just running down my cheeks. That feels like a perfect song for how I've been feeling the last couple months. Anywho, I still love Danny, but not as much as I did. He's not standing out as much anymore.

Can't wait for you to get to Idaho! Love you!

Woods: said...

LOL. Funny funny post. I totally missed AI this week...oops. But I'm real glad I can just read your rendition-much more entertaining for me! ;) Your little Shayla is one smart cookie! What funny comments she made and even funnier that 3 out of 5 of you have BofM names! FUNNY!

Mindi said...

My exact thoughts on Adam, as soon as I saw him the first thing that came to my mind was Elvis. I will say I like this look much better than the crazy rocker hair. And I like that his tongue stayed in his mouth this week.

Also, funny you should say that about Danny, I've thought the same thing from the first time I saw him. It's a little crazy to me how much they look a like.

Hope your trip is going well.

Mindy said...

Okay, I'm DONE defending Adam. Google "Adam Lambert in drag" and you won't believe what comes up. GROSS!! To each their own as far as sexuality goes, but there's some nasty pics floating around!!

Emerson said...

L-bert is dirty but i have to admit that his songs the last couple weeks were the only ones i played back to hear again ...and again (ring of fire). nutty.

bless you, DVR.

jocelyn said...

adam makes me want to throw up all over myself. the eyes he makes at the camera are the creepiest most chi-mo looking thing i have ever seen. i like anoop and chris.