Monday, April 27, 2009

Snow in Idaho

We went home to Idaho earlier this month. When I go home around Christmas time I always seem to miss the snow (which is sad for me since I love snow). Lo and behold, I go home during the spring and it dumps! Hooray for me.
Kyler was hilarious. When he woke up in the morning and saw the snow outside he kept saying, "I can't beweive it's Christmas!" So funny. When it melted a few days later he informed everyone that the snow had died.

My parents house is so pretty in the snow.

A day at the bowling alley. Have you seen these things? They're nifty. I think the grown-ups should have used it too.
The scores had to be documented. I won... but I'm not too proud considering how bad my score was. Rachel was even more upset than me (for good reason).
Three sisters, three kids each... won't last long.

I loved my cousins growing up (love them still, actually). It's so fun to see my kids making memories with theirs.

Thanks for all the fun Nana and Poppy!


Brianna and Byron Putnam said...

oh, that is so fun! I can't believe you all have three kids each and I haven't even met very many of them. I LOVED playing as cousins when we were little!

Keith and Courtney said...

I love the picture of Shayla with the snowball. She looks so grown up in it.

Carlee said...

Rebecca, Hey! It's Carlee Carpenter (hopefully you remember me) :) I just came across your blog and thought I would say hi! So where are you guys headed to?

The Halls said...

I loved that picture with your sisters with your three kids cute and such a great picture to remember. Why do these little ones have to grow so fast??

Allie Davis said...

I THINK u have some of the most beautiful children in the whole wide world!! They must take after their favorite aunt :) jk i love and miss u guys!! SEE YA SOON!!