Monday, December 10, 2007

The Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Kyler! Even though Mom finds it a little depressing that her baby isn't really a baby any more...or a lot depressing. But we had a great day nonetheless. I kept calling him the birthday boy and he kept insisting, "I not birfday boy, I Kyler." Then I would tell him, "Happy Birthday Kyler!" And he would say, "Happy Birfday Mommy!"

Shayla was being incredibly "helpful"...

... a little too helpful...

...OK Shay, that's enough help

And this year the award for most beloved toy that makes the other toys seem mediocre at best goes too...

... Aunt Lala for the plastic Mickey Mouse in a talking convertible!

Every year it seems there is one present that captures their little heart and makes the other gifts almost obsolete. I've learned that this present is almost always A) not from Mom and Dad and B) under 10 dollars. Case in point: On Shayla's second birthday we got her a princess tricycle, a sand box, and who knows what else. What she loved the most was the little stuffed Barney (that sings the ghetto Barney song when you press hard enough) that Nana sent in the mail. You can actually see Barney in the picture above because I was telling everyone my favorite present theory and Shayla wanted to show everyone that she still had it. And of course, there's Kyler with his Mickey car.

I thought for sure the tricycle would be a big hit. I mean it's a Harley Davidson for crying out loud!

No such luck.

He did finally get interested in some other presents... none from Mom and Dad of course.

This is what the "men" were interested in the whole night (surprise surprise). I wish I had a picture of all the ladies crowded around the dinning room table chatting away. I think we make far better use of our time that way... and we can also actually hear when there are children yelling for help (unlike the Dads).

In Shayla's defense, he actually did need help on this one. He was pretty much just spitting on the cake when he was trying to do it alone. Incidentally, I came up with this cake on my own which I'm pretty proud of... the only big design flaw was trying to write Kyler's name in frosting on top of loose coconut. As you can see, it didn't exactly work out. I thought Kyler would LOVE the cake. All he really did was get a concerned look on his face and say, "Those a MY cars."

At least he liked the cupcakes!

Kyler was so done taking pictures at this point. But, all in all it was a great day. Thank you party-goers and gift-givers for sharing it with us!

A few pictures from his actual birthday...

I'm obsessed with this one

My Little Santa Baby


Ben and Cindy Spratling said...

Your kids are adorable! How could they not be?! Shayla looks exactly like you. We must have the same great taste, when it comes to couches! I can't remember if I commented on this already or not, but way to go on the 1/2 marathon. You're amazing. So, having done it once, would you do it again?

REBECCA said...

I totally want to do it again, it's kind of a rush. Especially because the actual marathon was a bit of a joke with the whole rugged terrain thing. I want to do a full marathon in Boston or New York, but it takes so much time to train and! I probably won't get to do it until I'm done having kids. Who knows when that will be!

Ben and Cindy Spratling said...

I would also like to do that some day. Although, I don't think I ever will do a whole marathon. But maybe a half some day. Too bad you don't live in IF anymore. We could train together :) Did I ever tell you that's where we live? We really like it May-Sept. But right now I am not liking it so much :)

Kristen said...

hi rebecca! i didn't know you had a christmas baby too!!! i can't wait to have mine!!!