Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa Clause is coming...

I practically forced the larger Davis family to come participate in our little family's excessive Christmas Eve singing and story telling traditions, but it turned out so fun! As you can see, somewhere between Silent Night and Zach's sweet Grandma reciting The Living Christ, Shayla fell asleep. Zach put her in bed and I thought she had stayed asleep until Santa was about to fill all the stockings around midnight and I heard her come down the stairs and ask what I was doing. Apparently she had been awake several hours because she was working on presents for Mom and Dad. So cute!

The Grinch is my favorite Christmas story... the kids act it out with their finger puppets.

Grandpa reading Luke 2 while Shayla "follows along" in her own book.

We had a VERY exciting visitor come. I was worried my fairly perceptive daughter would not be fooled... at the ward Christmas party she told everyone, including all the kids, that the man in the red suit was certainly NOT the real Santa. Luckily, she was sure that the real Santa stopped by on Christmas Eve (as opposed to Aunt Allie's boyfriend's Dad all decked out in a Santa suit).

I thought Kyler would be scared stiff, but once Shayla got her present by sitting on Santa's lap, he was all for it.


hmmmmm... I wonder if these two are spoiled

Santa didn't have the easiest time finding this white horse, but it was well worth the effort. Shayla and her doll Sally played with it the entire day... I even overhead Shay apologizing to some of her other new toys because she wasn't playing with them very much.

This is what Shayla (with the help of Aunt Allie) stayed up working on the night before. Mom and Dad's favorite presents by far. My book was filled with pictures of my favorite things... like hearts, and my favorite food, which according to Shayla is chocolate. Zach's had lots of picture of trucks and motorcycles she had cut out from magazines. Totally priceless.

Shayla made all the girls in the family a felt mouse that holds a candy cane (I used to make them for my Aunts when I was little) and she made all the boys a candy cane reindeer.

The other highlight of my Christmas... talking to Elder Radford on the phone! I was a little worried that my family wouldn't be able to figure out 3 way calling (no offense family), but I totally underestimated them! It was so fun to talk to him and hear how well he is doing in Florida! I think I'd been talking to him for about 5 minutes when Zach took this picture and I'm already crying. I know, you're all totally shocked.

I hope everyone's Christmas was as Merry as ours! We miss you Nana & Poppie and the rest of the Idaho Family... can't wait till next year!


Stephens Family said...

Hey!! K, you are here or I hope you still are! Call me when you get some time! Glad you had a great Christmas!

Tyson and Courtney said...

I loved all your Christmas Eve traditions! It's never by force to get this Davis girl to sing Christmas Carols! :)

brady and jocelyn said...

It looks like you had such a great time! When are you home? I hope you already are.

Logan & Lisa said...

We missed you guys at the Radford Christmas party. I hope your mom is doing a little better and that you guys had a good Christmas.

HappyMama said...

How fun, but I am SO glad you are home!