Thursday, January 17, 2008

Special Company

Apparently Katherine Heigl is good inspiration for Josh Kelley because his new CD is really good. It's unique and has kind of a jazzy sound to it. It doesn't actually come out until February, but there's an early release on itunes. Stay Awake and Layline are my favorite tracks (I prefer the mellow stuff), but Hey Katie (which I'm assuming he wrote for his new wife) is super catchy and cute. Actually all the songs are good... don't you just love when an album comes out that you actually like to listen to all the way through? You just know something from this album is going to end up as background music on Grey's Anatomy this season... that is if this stupid writers strike ever comes to an end. I probably shouldn't knock the writers since I obviously need help in the writing department... I think I used the word actually a few too many times in this post.

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