Monday, January 21, 2008

Asian Paparazzi

The other day a few of us took the kids to feed the ducks at the palace of fine arts. It didn't work out so well in the beginning because the seagulls and pigeons were the only birds getting any bread (so disgusting... but don't tell Shayla that, she's under the impression that all birds are created equal). Eventually, after we were attacked by the sea gulls, we escaped and found some ducks and swans which were much friendlier foul... until one of the swans bit Rockwell. Then the kids started running around on the grass horsing around (no, literally acting like horses) and this cute Asian guy started taking pictures of the kids with his giant camera and then trying to show us how cute they were by flashing a thumbs up sign. All the sudden there were 5 photographers following us around... It was totally awkward! But I think If I were in a foreign country I would probably be snapping pictures of all the cute foreign kids. So we didn't mind so much until a guy with a video camera started following us wherever we went. As we were leaving Ladonna said, "maybe we should check on ebay the next few days and make sure our kids aren't for sale." No worries... no black market in SF for cute little munchkins.


Loni said...

Looks like fun! Your kids are too cute!

Walnut said...

holy crap those chinamen are right out of a movie. thats hilarious.
'oh ya, look at the rocals, we take photograph'

Hi, its Wally
I think you guys are cool.

brady and jocelyn said...

Sooo creepy. Sometimes Asians are like Martians.

HappyMama said...

That's the stuff nightmares are made of...birds are so so so cross. Love the comment Rocia. TOo bad Audrey is watching this with me and and me play it two times. I got the gross chills both times. So sick

Courtney said...

The picture of you holding your kids is great! You could frame that one! Keith gets to be in S.F. again next month for work. We can't wait to come together sometime soon to visit you guys.
oh ya...our blog is