Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol

Well, most of you heard quite enough commentary on American Idol from me the other night, but here I go again. We'll start with the girls.

I feel like Alaina looks a lot like Carrie Underwood, only she doesn't sing as well so I don't think things are going to pan out for her. There's only room for one generic blond girl in the top six, so she'll have to knock out Kady Malloy. Which might be possible if Kady continues to have bad nights like last night, but I really want to like her. Maybe next week.

Kristi Lee Cook... such a nice girl. How can you not root for her and yet she'll probably be gone this week. Next week at the lastest. I know this because I always get nervous for her when she is singing. It's alright though. With a name like that and some training she'll probably have a country album out in the near future. I don't know how well it will do, but she'll get her shot. *please don't squat during your whole song next week Kristi

Amanda Overmeyer. Wow. She was a real mess this week. As a person I like her, and as a contestant I think she's interesting so she'll be around for a while if she chooses better songs for her one track voice. She can't win, and I would never buy her album, but she might get a small following.

Carly Smithson. I don't know what to do with this girl. Obviously she's very talented and you never worry about her when she's singing. But I don't know what her genre is (bartender with tatoos sings like Celine Dion?).

Alexandrea Lushington. Sorry folks, I'm not a fan. And I think it's a little strange she started busting out a song randomly at ground zero.

Brooke White. I love her, and not just because she's a) Mormon or b) a friend of Kate's. She's unique... there's nothing generic about her voice at all, she plays her own instruments, and I'm willing to bet she writes her own stuff (Kate?). She won't win, but I hope she gets a good record deal because I would love her album. I think she'll make the top 6 girls for sure. Hopefully top 3.

Syesha... I love her as will most people. She's top 3 material.

Asia'h Epperson. This girl has got to go. Maybe this week. Maybe next.

Ramiele is too awkward. Her voice confuses me. Her haircut is awkward in general, but last night the piece of random hair in her eye made it even more awkward and her dancing was also awkward. Awkward. She'll be around for a little while maybe, but not for long.

The boys... hmmmmmm.

Chikeezie (I'm sure I spelled that wrong). Not a fan ...of the voice or the orange polyester suit.

Danny Noriega. Another wow. I hope he stays on for a while just for his entertainment value.

David Cook. I'm still deciding who I like better... David or Robbie. It's like Robbie has the rocker personality and the scarf toting David has the voice for it and the guitar chops. For now I like them both but I wish David was less arrogant (and didn't have a comb over). Also, the fact that there are too many David's might work in Robbie's favor.

David Archuletto. Ryan's clever little comment about only being able to vote for him, not adopt him about sums it up. He might take the whole thing with his totally pure voice and adorable personality. Again, not sure what the album would be like, but I hope it does well.

David Hernandez. Fortunately for him, not so much for me, I'm sure he'll be in the top 6. I can't get on board with his "sultry" gazes into the camera (and holy generic voice). Has anyone ever read the book "Too many Daves" by Dr. Seuss?

Goodbye Orlando Bloom... I mean Luke Mennard. Maybe you could go be a stunt double for Orlando's next action/adventure.

Michael Johns. I'm a fan. He's got a powerful clear voice and would do well fronting for a great band... sort of Switchfoot like. This guy is more than just good looks with an Australian Accent.

Jason Yeager. I hope no one is attached to him. He's going home this week... thank heavens.

Jason Castro. I like him and his dreadlocks and his freaky eyes and his awkward interviews and his uncomfortable laugh. He's headed to the top 3.

So with all that nonsense out of the way, here's who the top 6 should be in Random order:

Syesha, Brooke, & Carly for the girls and David Archuletto, Jason Castro, Michael Johns for the boys. Although I would let Robbie boot Jason or Michael if he really wanted to.


Mindi said...

My favorites are cute David Archeletta, Australia guy, and Brooke White. That's all I care about. My least favorites; Danny who looks like a girl and the rocker nurse, Please go home soon.

Keith & Courtney said...

If David Archeletta doesn't win I'm going to be shocked! He's the complete package. And with the way he answers questions so well and takes the cheers from the crowd so humbly, he could be Miss America too! We are Brooke White supporters too, but I agree that I don't think she'll win, even though she's awesome. Danny N. has to go. I can only listen to him with my eyes closed. What's up with the girl jeans!?

The Heiner Story said...

Loved David Archeletta's Imagine song! John and I both agree he is the winner!

The Heiner Story said...

Oh ya, sooooo glad I have a fellow American Idol fan to talk about the latest with!

Ben and Cindy Spratling said...

I love that you are into AI. I am obsessed. I don't vote, but I never miss an episode. So I'm half obsessed, I guess. But I am so with you on your predictions. And Luke Menard TOTALLY looks like Orlando Bloom. I have been saying that all along :) And yes, Brooke won't win, but it's great to have a refreshing good girl on the show. I look forward to more reviews in your blog :)