Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Family Home Evening

FHE at our house always starts out well. It usually looks something like this:

After a few minutes it progresses to this:

And if it lasts longer than 10 minutes, chances are it will end up like this:

But as long as they're short and sweet (meaning there are actual treats at the end) the kids love FHE. And we love it as well and inevitably learn a few things from our 5 year old. For example: This week we had a family home evening about President George Washington (it was president's day after all). We told the story of the cherry tree, and I came armed with pictures of General Washington on horseback which was sure to win him favor in Shayla's horse loving eyes. It took quite some time to explain the difference between the president of the church, and the president of the country. I finally ended up saying something like, "the church takes care of the people in the church and the president helps take care of people in the country". She then asked, "how does the church take care of people if it doesn't have hands?" I corrected myself and said (since we were sticking with the president theme) that the president of the church helps take care of people in the church, and the president of the US takes care of people in the US. The next morning at breakfast she said, "Mom, there was something I wanted to say last night. The president of the church doesn't take care of the people in the church, Jesus does. And the president of the country doesn't take care of the people either, the police do." I stand corrected.


Dan, Jamie, & Bryson said...

What a little smarty pants that little Shayla is!

Rocia said...

corrected is right. oh, those spicy little 5 year olds!

Tyson and Courtney said...

Way too cute! I can't wait to enjoy all these joys of motherhood you experience! I love all your stories!

Mindi said...

That is so cute. Very clever and perceptive Shayla.