Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Idol... yet again

Seriously though, how good did the two Davids do last night? Sooo good! David Cook finally won me over (anyone who can make "You'll Always Be My Baby" that good deserves it). Is anyone else wondering why Kristy Lee Cook is still around? And can we just eliminate Sayesha too this week? That would be lovely.


Keith & Courtney said...

And Carly is on her way out too. She always looks so mad when she's up there! And yes, the David's rocked last night! WOW! It'll be very interesting to see who goes tonight. It's close for some of them. I think it will definetly be a girl. I call Kristy, Sayesha, and Carly in the bottom 3tonight. We'll see!

Rebecca said...

I agree with you courtney... that is who the bottom 3 should be, but after last week I have no idea what will happen. Apparently there are times that America is collectively stupid as voters. The fact that Bill Clinton was in office for two terms and his wife is still in the running right now is second only to last week's idiotic results on American Idol. I take that back. There have been lots of idol mishaps... Fantasia, Taylor... can't even remember his name, just to name a few.

Mindi said...

I'm so done with Sayesha. She bugs me, I think she thinks she's sooo good and that bugs. I really like David Cook, he's grown on me more and more too. Especially since he cut his hair. What a great decision that was.