Thursday, November 29, 2007

Good Luck Elder Radford!

Yesterday we took Dan (I mean Elder Radford) to the MTC in Provo. It was completely depressing but I'm like a proud mama and I know he'll be a fabulous missionary. Although, that doesn't make it any easier to let him go! Orlando is lucky to have him and hey, I'm going to Disney world in 2 years!

Dan found it really amusing that Mom was crying so hard she couldn't put the tag on

Liza told the kids that Uncle Dan was going to teach Mickey the gospel. It was all fun and games till they had to say goodbye. This picture is a pretty good indication of how we were all feeling.

Seriously un-fun. A few days before Dan left Shayla burst into tears and said, "It's just hard for me to understand why he wants to go!"


Rocia said...

Why is it so hard to say goodbye to a (younger)brother? I swear it has something to do with being a mom and thinking about your own leaving someday. Mostly though, the idea and thoughts of him struggling without his family around make me teary-eyed! We'll be praying for you Elder Radford! Oh, how sad is that shot of the munchkins on the couch?

Stephens Family said...

Becca, these photos had me in tears...seriously!! The one of Shayla and Daniel hugging. So sweet!