Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm Thankful for...(the shallow version)

I'm thankful for... red patent leather Guess high heels...and also my other 58 pairs of strappy dress shoes (clearly I have an problem).

...whoever had the bright idea to put television shows on DVD so that I could watch The Office while I'm folding laundry (season 2 is my favorite).

...all the people who, despite years of evidence to the contrary, still think it's a great idea to go on a reality TV show (so that I can laugh my head off at people embarrassing themselves on national television).

...disney movies, not just because I love them but because my kids do, and that means 85 minutes of time I get to spend messing around on my guitar (give or take).

...the website, because sarcasm is my favorite form of humor and this web site is full of it (pun intended). ipod (because other wise cleaning my house would be almost unbearable).

...those little mini doughnuts with cinnamon and sugar that you can buy on Pier 39...and that if you save the bags they will refill them for really cheap (because one bag full of fat calories is just not enough).

...the movie Tommy Boy because when I'm in a bad mood I can replay scenes of it in my head and it's an instant mood boost ("TOMMY: Hey, did you hear I finally graduated? RICHARD: Yah, and just a shade under a decade too, alright. TOMMY: You know, a lot of people go to college for 7 years. RICHARD: I know. They're called Doctors.")


Michelle said...

I love you. Thank you for making me laugh. Regan made my throw away two more trash bags full of stuff today. SAVE ME!

Mindi said...

That's so great!!
I'm surprised you haven't blogged about the bachelor yet. Ummm, after the final rose, one word- AWKWARD!!!!!
Hope you are having a great time with your fam.

Kristen said...

hey rebecca, it's kristen anthony. so i was totally blog hopping and found you blog. you are so funny, i was literally laughing outloud reading some of your posts!!! i love it! i have a very boring blog but if you ever want to read it i will send you an invite. (something freaked me out awhile back and i made it private- now it's even more boring cuz less random people comment, but oh well!) see you sunday. . .

Porter Family said...

Amen, sister!

Cady said...

lol -- every time I explain my college career I think of that "Tommy Boy" quote. I have a cure for the shoes problem. It's called purses. ;)