Monday, August 4, 2008

Catch up

So I've been kind of a blog slacker lately. I'm going to make a quick attempt to catch up... the reason being I saw someone's "blurb" book they had made from their blog entries... so cute! And I found out you can choose which blog entries you want to include in your book... great news for me since I thought I said goodbye to having my blog scrapbooked when I started blogging about reality television.

Here's a few pics of 4th of July in Idaho (yah, I'm going way back)

The fire pit was a little hot apparently

"The best fireworks show west of the Mississippi"... and I totally believed it until I moved away. It was really fun though, just not as big as I remember.
Shayla didn't find it that exciting.

Hillcrest blogger reunion
Sooo many cute kids!

We came home to a new nephew in San Francisco, Colter Tyson Davis... he's so adorable!

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Stephens Family said...

It's about time you got caught up! Cute pics and the one of Brandon...PA HA HA HA!! I assume you were giving him a hard time about not smiling and this is what you got? Honestly...I don't claim him! : ) AND, it is my turn to call. Sheesh!