Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gavin Newsom has never looked so good

Even if you don’t live in San Francisco, you are probably familiar with our liberal nut of a Mayor. You know, the womanizer/gay rights activist who gave the OK for the county to issue marriage licenses to gay couples? The noble Mayor Newsom even started performing marriages himself until the Supreme Court stepped in (which reminds me of the recent cover of Time magazine that asks “does the Supreme Court still matter?” to which I want to site this little incident and say HECK YES!) Anyhow, this city is left wing to say the least, but I have still wondered how Mr. Newsom managed to take office. He’s up for re-election this year and I’m starting to see why he got voted in in the first place: lack of a sane opponent. When I first started reading my OFFICIAL VOTER INFORMATION PAMPHLET (sent by the Department of Elections) I thought it was a joke. Then I realized we live in America where any idiot with a few bucks can run for office (a necessary evil I suppose). Maybe it’s not an evil. Maybe a Vegan Taxi Cab driver named Grasshopper is a legitimate candidate. Maybe the "showman" who calls himself Chicken John is the right choice. I don’t think so. I think George Davis is the only way to go. This is taken word for word from the official pamphlet:

My occupation is: Writer/Nudist Activist.

My qualifications are:
This is a One Issue campaign which is to Make Golden Gate Park Clothing Optional like the major urban parks in Europe. For other policy issues, a well known City Manager will be appointed.

Thoughts for today:
You are free to be nude!!! You are free to wear clothing. By California case law (In Re Smith 1972 and other court decisions), you have a freedom of choice.
Nude is not lewd.
With San Francisco's ranked three choices, voting for freedom of choice is as easy as one, two, three. Give George Davis a ranked vote, preferably #1.
If anyone should think this is not a serious issue, explain why George Davis has been illegally harassed by the San Francisco Police Department with 4 full arrests (handcuffs, booking, jail) in 5 weeks of campaigning followed almost immediately with a discharge of the citations by the San Francisco District Attorney.

Voters, you have a clear choice. Do you want police harassment of a legitimate non-violent cultural movement and censorship? Or, do you want freedom of choice and civil liberties?
For more details on George Davis and this campaign, visit the blogs at: Or contact George at:

George Davis

Turns out there are worse things than Gavin Newsom in a position of power. Go figure.

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