Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We are serious business for Halloween. This year we were all Pirates of the Carribbean. It took some thought to get Shayla on board. I told her how pirates had parrots for pets and that if she would be a pirate we could buy a stuffed parrot for her. She agreed and we went in search of a parrot. The only parrot we could find was huge and mechanical and 60 dollars (I don't think so). Thank goodness Uncle Dan found one at an all-a-dollar in Idaho and came to spend Halloween with us!

The cutest Jack Sparrow EVER!


We love to go trick or treating on chestnut street. Every year the kids who aren't in school parade around and trick or treat at the ritzy shops.

Shayla really wanted our pumpkin to be a spooky ghost...I tried my best. Kyler was really "helpful" when we were cleaning out the pumpkin

The San Francisco National Cemetary is by our house and I love to go there on foggy days to try and creep myself out (I know, what a weirdo). Lucky for me it was foggy today for Halloween!

This actually is creepy...a real live (or dead) pet cemetary

Mr. Twister and Rasberry must have been really loved, they have expensive headstones

Spooky dinner with Uncle Dan

We took the kids trick or treating in Sea Cliff (where the rich people live)

This is Robin Williams' house...his hired help gives out glow sticks

How perfect was the weather tonight for Halloween

A few fun pictures from the school and ward Halloween parties

Uncle Ty (who claimed to be Edward Cullen) and Aunt Court

How cute are these kids

Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Wendy, Tiger lily, and Tinkerbell (aka the Lake Family)

These two look guilty

A few pictures from the past few years...

Jack Jack and Mulan

Such a cute kitty

The punk rocker and the fairy princess

She was almost eatable as a ladybug

This was the year I dressed up as a whale for Halloween. Then I had Shayla a few days later.


brady and jocelyn said...

I am literally laughing out loud (at work which makes it really awkward) about the whale remark. You're so cute you could never look like anything but a Barbie!

Kitrina said...

I love your costumes. It makes me realize how lame we are for not getting anything together this year. I can't believe you made a spooky dinner; your kids are so lucky!!!

Stephens Family said...

HOW CUTE!!!!!!! Shayla cracks me up!!! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Missed you here!! We need to do a Stephens/Davis Halloween bash next time!! Now that would be great!!!!

HappyMama said...

Your comstumes inspire me! Next year my family is going to have a theme, I will start planning right now (it will take me that long to think of something good!).

Bobbins & Toodles said...

K I want to be on your list of favorite people! :) You guys looked great for Halloween! And I agree with Jocelyn you guys should be Ken and Barbie next year for Halloween! :) I heard about all of the medical problems you all are having...get better and be safe!

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