Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Goodbye Crazy...I mean Silly Hillary

I don’t have all that much to say about the Bachelor this week. My blogs about the show are getting less and less exciting...kind of like the romance (or lack there of) between Brad and Bettina. I can’t help but make a few comments though. Dee Dee, your butt doesn’t look as good as you think it does in that dress. Hillary, the reason you can’t breathe isn’t just because you are having a major melt down about a guy you barely know, it’s because your dress is WAY too tight.
I thought I would just end with the sweet little poem Sheena wrote for Brad. Her reading it to him was by far the most uncomfortable moment of the night and that’s saying something considering all the uncomfortable Hillary moments...like Brad trying to let her down easy numerous times while she got that crazy look in her eye and ignored everything he said....oh and when she was talking about doing who knows what with Brad (we really don’t know...it had to be bleeped out), but in the next scene telling him he reminded her of her Dad. And how about her explanation of why she wore to her senior prom dress to the rose ceremony...because she was hoping it would remind Brad of how great she would look in a wedding dress. Hmmmm. Back to Sheena’s poem (don’t read this if you have a sensitive gag reflex...I’m actually being serious)

“I love your laugh, your smile, your touch
And the moles that run up your arm
The patch of blonde hair on your ears 
Your goals, and most of all your charm”

I’m sorry. I can’t continue...It’s just too painful. Usually I have a hard time remembering Sheena is only 23 because she looks so much older. Not last night. Last night I had a hard time believing she wasn’t in high school anymore.


Kaisa Bailey said...

Honest to goodness Rebecca I was hoping SOMEONE would blog about the Bachelor last night. Hillary is such a physco. I could not believe how she just kept completely disregarding all of Brad's comments. I watched it by myself last night and was just wishing that someone else was watching with me to experience the craziness we like to call Hillary.
I love you and loved seeing you this past weekend!

Mel said...

All I have to say is DIDDO to the whole Hilary post!! Hilarious! Hey what is your e-mail Becca? I need to tell you about something we have in common. Does vasovagal syncope sound familiar? Have I got a whoppin good story for you!!